CoreDeForce – Week 1

Conquer From Within


My Struggle

If I wanted to be really honest, I’d tell you I’ve been struggling these past few weeks. I’ve been pushing myself with my workouts but I did not have control over my nutrition. I tried, but we all know that trying doesn’t really get us far. So I had to refocus. I had to decide to commit to the next workout, and not just to the workout routines, but the meal plan as well. By this time (nine months postpartum) after having Sophie, our first daughter, I wasn’t only back to my pre-baby body, I was also skinnier. At that time I would have told you I was leaner, but looking back at the pictures I really mostly was just skinny. I wasn’t trying to be, that’s how it happened. I was dang proud of myself though, and when someone told me I looked too skinny, I was mad and hurt. Later I put some of the weight back on, mostly in the form of muscle, and some fat, of course.


One of my favorite type of workout is mixed martial arts. MMA makes me feel like a badass. It really truly does. So doing the 30 day Core De Force workout was a no brainer. Time to get serious.

My Before Stats:


And because I’m kind of a geek when it comes to fitness, here’s what my muscle quality looks like. (If there’s too big of a discrepancy between the right and left side, that’s because I didn’t put my Skulpt on right. I’m still learning how to use it).

muscle_fat_back_cdf_before muscle_fat_front_cdf_before muscle_quality_back_cdf_before muscle_quality_front_cdf_before

The Workouts

Day 1: MMA Speed (27 minutes) – this workout was really confusing at first, but watching the breakdown and really taking the time to learn the moves, especially that switch knee, made a huge difference
Day 2: Dynamic Strength (47 minutes) – oh my, how many different types of pushups are there? For real though.
Day 3: MMA Speed (27 minutes) – getting faster and sharper with those punches and kicks
Day 4: Power Sculpt (37 minutes) – that was tough. Good thing I had my accountability partner with me and we kept pushing each other cause this routine is very challenging; humbling, as another accountability partner of mine said.
Day 5: MMA Shred (37 minutes) – shredded I shall get, all right. Love this muay thai inspired routine
Day 6: Dynamic Strength (47 minutes) – you again, huh. Getting stronger but still ways to go, especially in those sphinx blaster.
Day 7: Active Recovery (21 minutes) – it was more active than I had anticipated. I was hoping for more of a yoga type routine. Not complaining though, just saying. 😉

Some of my favorite selfies:



So like I’ve said, I’ve been struggling with my nutrition. So focusing on that has been the most important thing for me. I enrolled the help of the 21 Day Fix app. I am not 100% following the app (that will need some more planning), but I am working on getting all the containers in.

I’m following the 1,800-2,099 calorie bracket. What I love about the 21 Day Fix plan and the app itself is that it makes me eat more vegetables. It tells you how many of each container you have left, green for vegetables, as an example, and if I see I have 3 more left, I make sure to get those in. Whereas normally I may only have let’s say pasta and fish in a hurry, as an example, this way I make sure to add a side salad, or steamed veggies, or something that satisfies the green container.

Keeping a picture diary of my meals also helps me keep accountable to myself and to our group.

Default, and I always forget to take pictures, here’s what I have every single day:

  • pre-workout Energize, Hydrate during my workout, and chocolate Recover after my workout
  • dark chocolate (right now it’s Lindt pineapple excellence)
  • coffee with ~5oz milk (milk is not really on the plan but I can’t have my coffee without it and I need my coffee, I’m working on reducing the amount)
  • Vegan chocolate and cafe latte Shakeology


And my picture food diary:

img_3631 img_3181 img_3017 img_2951 img_2895


Thank you for reading. I’d love for you to join me on this journey. If you’re ready,  just send me a message here:

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