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Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.04.25 PMIn this 32 page eBook I teach you the about the components of a healthy diet, how many calories you should consume, what the optimal breakfast looks like, how to read nutrition labels and what foods/ingredients to avoid. To top it off, I also included 14 of my favorite breakfast recipes including eggs, muffins, oatmeal, smoothie, and even pancake and french toast.


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.04.06 PMIn this 13 page eBook I discuss what a healthy weight gain looks like, where that weight gain comes from, provide pregnancy weight gain charts for each BMI category and as a bonus, I included an “All About Seafood” section – where I discuss the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids, what fish and how much of it you should consume / avoid during pregnancy. 
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.03.32 PMIn this 14 page eBook I discuss the benefits of breastfeeding both for baby and mom, talk about ways to naturally increase your milk supply, discuss caloric intake in general and during breastfeeding, and list 15 different foods (most of these are in your fridge/pantry already!) that can help increase your milk supply while nourishing your body. 
Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 6.03.51 PMIn this 15 page eBook I discuss childhood obesity, the importance of  proper nutrition for your child for optimal health and performance (both mental and physical), discuss the role of the macronutrients (fat, carb and protein), provide you with action steps for immediate changes and list 12 superfoods to include in your child[ren]’s diet complete with delicious recipes.. 

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