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At a Glimpse:

Name: Timea M. Barabas

Occupation: Health and Fitness Coach

Marital Status: Happily Married

Children: Sophie, born August 2012
Annabel, born April 2016

Four Legged Children: 2 (two), Sparky (beagle, born July 2005) and Donny (coonhound, born July 2005)

Weakness: sweet tooth

Favorite Quote: “The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel”.


My name is Timea M. Barabas, happily married, mother of Sophie & Annabel, and to Sparky & Donny. Fitness is my absolute passion, followed closely by a weakness for shoes and purses.

My goal is to empower women through knowledge, good nutrition, and physical activity. I believe that women can be fit at any stage in their lives and that fit is not directly related to a number (on the scale or inside our jeans). I believe that when broken down into simple and clear steps, anybody can get on the healthy path, at any age and stage in their lives.


I was born in Hungary, moved to California in 2004 to be with my then fiance, now husband. I graduated with honors at California State University, Fullerton, with a degree in Business Administration, emphasis on finance. I loved every minute of my college experience and was ready to enter the corporate world to one day hopefully work in mergers and acquisitions. But when I got pregnant with Sophie, my whole life changed. I had been physically active and healthy before; but, knowing a little life was growing inside me, one that I was 100% responsible for from the time before she was even conceived, changed everything. I paid attention to my every move. I worked out five days a week and logged my foods. We do not eat meat, and during pregnancy, fish intake has to be watched carefully, so I wanted to make sure I got adequate nutrients. I never felt better. That is when I made it my mission to provide other women with the same strength to go through their pregnancies with love and anticipation, with a healthy weight gain and with a feeling of empowerment. Empowerment that can be achieved through good nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle changes.

I am not an absolute health nut. I do indulge, in fact, it is my philosophy to indulge sometimes. “Moderation not Elimination” – a motto used by a good friend of mine that I am borrowing from her all the time now.
I am not a figure competitor, or any other athlete. I am an athlete in my own merit and work out for my health and to be a role model to Sophie.
I am not perfect. I am as regular or you or anyone else, what sets me apart is my passion for making fitness and health a lifestyle, and not a fad.

Read my blog, follow me on social media, and see if you believe you can click with me. It is very important that whoever you trust as your coach is someone you could even be friends with. Someone you trust enough to take advice from (and not just hear it but actively listen to it and act on it) but also someone you can imagine having coffee/tea with on a rainy afternoon. That is how changes can become permanent.


It’s very important that no matter whom you choose as your health coach, he or she is someone you can trust. All health coaches should have a variety of credentials in order to be able to advise clients with different needs. Having a strong passion for nutrition, fitness, and helping others live a healthy life is extremely important, but not enough. Please know, that I am continuously extending my knowledge base through continuing education credits and staying relevant through the most credible resources.

My credentials include but are not limited to the following:





L.E.A.N. Expectations Pre-and Postnatal Specialist

L.E.A.N. Start Children’s Health Specialist

L.E.A.N. Essentials Children’s Health Specialist

L.E.A.N. Prime Timea Health Specialist

Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Pre- and Postnatal Fitness & Nutrition Specilist

Weight Management Specialist

Sports Nutritionist


Team Beachbody Coach




American Council On Exercise

Group Fitness Instructor

Moms Into Fitness

Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist





Metabolic Fitness Pro

Level 1 Specialist

Other Related Courses

Child Nutrition and Cooking

Nutrition for Physical Activity and Health

Preventing Pediatric Obesity

Nutrient Timing

Nutrition, Health and Lifestyle

Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition

Practical Nutrition for Fitness Professionals

Nutrition for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Training the Pregnant Athlete

Fit Through Pregnancy




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