My Take On Bed Sharing…

When babies sleep with or near their parents, they are not being spoiled, they are being made to feel secure and accepted.

~ Dr. Lendon Smith

This is not a post about the benefits of bed sharing, this is a quick post about something I just recently realized. Something that never even occurred to me with our first daughter, Sophie, because well… She was an easy baby. Good sleeper, not really a crier. Pretty easy. Not Annabel though. She’s…. Difficult. She hits and smacks and throws herself on the ground. Lately, she will not be good on her own. She might be in the phase of learning that even if mommy is out of sight, she’ll always be there. She’ll always come back. She may be teething. She may just have a bad day. Or it could be a multitude of reasons. 

The point is, there’s been more screaming than quiet time lately. And that’s where the bed sharing comes in. It’s one way for us to reconnect in an intimate, calm, quiet setting. Her sleeping so close to me, our faces touching, the rhythm of our breaths synchronizing, and us slowly drifting to dream land deepens that unexplainable connection a mother and her child have.

And the same goes for my love for putting Sophie down to bed, laying next to her. It again is a time to connect. For some reason, the words and stories and questions just start pouring and it’s a time we talk freely. About stuff. Anything and everything, from silly to meaningful. 

You see, I firmly believe that trust starts early on. And that there is a physical aspect to trust. Sure, they won’t always want me near when they go to sleep or they won’t always hold my hand. But for now they do, and for now, we’re laying the foundation for a strong bond. At least that’s what I believe… <3 

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