The Ultimate Oatmeal

Oh where to begin when it comes to oatmeal. Oatmeal is such a comfort food and it’s good for you! It’s high in fiber, high in iron and vitamins and minerals that nourish the nerves. As carbs are the preferred source on energy oatmeal provides a long lasting benefit when consumed before a long workout (at least an hour before though so your tummy is not too full). When choosing oatmeal, avoid instant oatmeal that is already preloaded with sugars and other artificial ingredients you really don’t need. The choice between rolled oats and steel cut oats is really a personal preference. Steel cut oats have a lower glycemic index, and are digested a more slowly, because they are slightly less processed. They are also chewier, which you may prefer. Rolled oats go through a bit more processing, but still contain no added sugars, and are just as beneficial for you.

And while there is no direct scientific evidence proving that oats increase milk supply, many moms, including myself, have found that they do help with supply tremendously.

And this oatmeal is specifically one the best because it’s packed with superfoods.



½ cup old fashioned rolled oats
½ cup fresh blueberries
1 tbsp raw cacao
1 tbsp flax seed (or flax seed meal)
1 tbsp maple syrup

1. Mix oatmeal with one cup of water, bringing it to a boil, then lowering to simmer
2. Cook until almost all the water is absorbed
3. Mix in blueberries, raw cacao, flax seed meal and maple syrup
4. Allow to cool to desired temperature



Ingredient Highlight: Oatmeal

Oats are a very good source of selenium (antioxidant protecting against free radicals), phosphorus (component of membranes, storage and transfer of energy), and manganese (metabolism of amino acids, DNA, RNA, and fatty acids), also are a good source of magnesium (energy production, muscle relaxation, heart functions) and iron. A special fiber in oatmeal, called beta-glucans, steadies the absorption of carbs and as such, balances blood sugar levels. Oatmeal is also a heart-friendly food. Whether you prefer rolled oats or steal cut oats is really a personal preference, as long as you don’t opt for instant oatmeal which is loaded with sugar and can have extra additives.

Nutrition Info
Cal: 303 | Fat: 7g | Carb: 57g | Protein: 8g | Fiber: 9g

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